Sports and Concert photographer Valerie Shoaps of the Bay Area/Silicon Valley.
Valerie Shoaps

Valerie Shoaps

Bay Area Sports Photojournalist
Valerie Shoaps

When I was very young, I remember watching my father in his makeshift darkroom (i.e. the small and only bathroom in the house). I loved the magic that happened. Later (older me - 13, larger house) we had a real dedicated darkroom and I used to love the time I spent in there. I was in my own world and making images come to life. I felt unconstrained and able to create what I wanted, unlike my foray into painting (I can't draw a circle).

I'm not really good at being an observer, I want to get involved. So i started shooting some of my interests and passions. Photography opened up a new way of "observing" but at the same time, being a part of what's going on. Rhythm runs through our lives and is so key to music and sports. Here, I've combined all of my passions into one.

I strive to capture emotion and intimacy with action, and it's even better if I can compose a shot with an aesthetically pleasing composition and tell a story. Getting two of those is good, but getting three or more - even better. Sometimes people just want to see a cool backhand, a ride off or hair flying during a solo; I do that. But the goal is to get it all in.

I'm available for assignments anywhere. Contact me for more information. I carry full liability and equipment insurance through Hill & Usher.

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Equipment List (all Nikon):
D5 (x2)
400/2.8G VR
200/2G VR
70-200/2.8E FL
24-70/2.8E VR
TC 1.4x III
Various radio speed lights & radio transmitter
RRS & Arcatech monopod & tripod heads
Gitzo monopod & tripod
Photo Mechanic
Adobe PhotoShop/Lightroom
DxO Optics Pro
MacBook Pro